About the Artist

Furniture Maker

     I have always had a fascination with the natural beauty of wood, and to work that beauty that nature has created into a well designed and attractive piece of furniture is a wonderful goal to have.Forrest Procter

I received my training at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine, completing their twelve-week intensive program.  I continue to return to the Center to further my education during their summer workshops.

I work out of my home studio in Newburgh, Maine, where I use both modern machinery and time honored hand tools to achieve results that I am proud to put my name on.  My work is done in solid hardwoods, purchased from reputable dealers both locally and out of state depending upon the species of wood chosen for the project.  I do not use stains or dyes to modify the color of the wood I use.  I believe the proper selection of wood along with careful consideration as to how it is used in the project produces results that do not need enhancement.

My philosophy, when making a piece of furniture is that it should be beauForrest Procter ~ Dovetail by Handtiful, functional, last for generations and hopefully become a family heirloom.  My personal style revolves around designs that are uncomplicated and easy to look at.   A number of my pieces are variations of Shaker designs, which I find simple and elegant.  This allows the wood itself, the color and grain pattern, to play a more important role in how the piece looks.  This is where the individual furniture maker has the opportunity to show his or her artistic ability to not only build a well designed piece of furniture but a beautiful piece as well.

The furniture you see in the gallery are examples of my work.  If you see something that interests you, please remember, I build custom furniture.  You and I can work together to design that beautiful piece that fits perfectly into your home or office.

I hope you like what you see and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have or discuss a custom project you have in mind.

Forrest E. Procter