Cherry Corner Cabinet

     This corner cabinet is made of “curly” cherry and has a “bird’s-eye” maple panel in the back for contrast. The highly figured grain in the cherry produces a shimmering affect as you move through the room, which catches the eye and draws your attention.

The construction of a corner cabinet is somewhat different than that of a standard cabinet. Due to the odd shape of a corner cabinet (sides not being parallel) the seasonal movement of the wood needs to be addressed a bit more carefully. By using frame and panel construction for most of the side walls of this piece, the seasonal movement situation is resolved, resulting in a piece of furniture that will last for generations

This cabinet has frame and glass panel doors on top and frame and wood panel doors on the bottom. There are also 4 adjustable shelves (only 3 are shown in the picture) which can be used to display and store a variety of items.

Dimensions: 40” wide X 79” high X 19” deep
Price: $6800.00