Coffee Table

     This coffee table is made of “wenge”, a beautiful dark wood from Africa.  The light banding along the edges of the top is the sapwood of the tree as it grows naturally.  The free flowing shape of the edges is the outside of the tree with the bark removed.  It was so striking, I had to use it in the design. The ends of the table top are cut with an angle similar to the sides. I think it is more complimentary than the typical 90 degree cut.

I designed the lower shelf with 3 things in mind.  It should be functional as a shelf, stabilize the legs, and not detract from the table top.  The first 2 have been accomplished, this is a very rigid design.  The last one is in the eye of the beholder.

Dimensions: 44” wide X 17” high X 20 1/2’” deep
Price: $1800.00