Red Birch Hall Table

table-full This hall table is made of “flame” red birch with a piece of Verde Marinache granite set into the top. As a furniture maker, my first love is working with beautiful hardwoods, but I also appreciate the many varieties of stone which are now available as countertops and tile. I thought if I could find a nice combination of wood and stone, maybe I could design and build an elegant table with some help from Mother Nature. This table is the result.

table2-fullMy intent, when I was designing this table, was to create a piece of furniture that would catch your eye as you enter the room or hallway, just something pleasant to look at. The choice of wood, with it’s red color and highly figured grain pattern combined with the beautiful colors of the Marinache stone hopefully will generate even more interest as you move closer. If you decide to run your hand across the top as you walk by, then I know I have done my job well.


Dimensions: 60” wide X 33 ½” tall X 15” deep
Price: $2800.00