Shaker Style Blanket Chest

     When I was searching for wood to make this project, I was looking for something special.  This is a simple design that relies on the joinery (the dovetails) and the wood itself to make it interesting.  I found this “flame” red birch at a dealer here in Maine and some of these boards were 13”-15” wide!  Wide boards with this much curly grain are difficult to come by in red birch.  My challenge while making this piece was to keep the boards as wide as I could, since they are rare, and incorporate as much curly grain as possible.  I am pleased with the way it turned out.

There are 64 hand cut dovetails in this blanket chest.  The top, when open, is held in place with brass chains, one on each end and there is a shelf that can be lifted out to allow access to the lower half of the chest.

Dimensions: 41” wide X 28” high X 20 ½” deep
Price: $3800.00