Shaker Style Oak Bookcase

    This bookcase is made of quartersawn white oak, which gives the wood it’s distinctive grain pattern, not found in the more common flatsawn boards.  All of the shelving in this case is joined to the sides using through tenons.  Through tenons are a very strong joint and they also serve a decorative role.  The top is attached using tapered sliding dovetails.

Inside the top of this bookcase are two drawers.  Although these drawers are not typically found in bookcases, I included them as a point of interest and they are a great place to put papers, pamphlets, or those little things you may not want to loose.  The drawer fronts are made of ‘kingwood’ (South America) and add some contrasting color to the piece.

     The doors are frame and panel construction with glass panels.  The back is also frame and panel, all in white oak.

When I was milling the boards for this piece, I realized that many of them had sapwood along the edges.  I had to make the decision to either cut all of this sapwood off or include it into the design.  As you can see, I decided to include it.

The affect of using the sapwood became more pronounced when I fumed the bookcase with ammonia.  The tannin contained in the heartwood of white oak reacts to the ammonia fumes and darkens, but the sapwood does not contain the tannin so it maintains it’s light color.

Dimensions: 32” wide X 48” high X 14” deep
Price: $4500.00