Shaker Style Walnut Bookcase

     This black walnut bookcase, although similar in size and style to the oak bookcase, also shown in the gallery, presents a different look.  The darker color of the walnut and the dramatic grain pattern in the frame and panel doors really become the focal point of this piece.

Milling the wood for a piece of furniture is an exciting process for me.  As the beauty of the individual boards becomes apparent, I begin making decisions as to where these boards will be used in the project.  In a way, these boards are the paint on my canvas.

The shelves in this bookcase are attached to the sides using sliding dovetails and the top is attached using tapered sliding dovetails.  Inside, there are two drawers above the shelves.  I used bird’s eye maple for the drawer fronts hoping that the contrasting colors would create a pleasant surprise when the doors were opened.  The back is frame and panel construction.

Dimensions: 32” wide X 48” high X 14” deep
Price: $4500.00