Walnut Corner Cabinet

     This corner cabinet is made black walnut with a “curly” maple panel in the back. The almost luminescent maple is a striking contrast to the dark walnut, which helps to brighten the inside of the cabinet.

The majority of this cabinet is frame and panel construction which is necessary to address the season movement of wood, especially in a cabinet shaped like this one.

The upper doors are frame and glass panels and the lower doors are frame and wood panels with opposing views of a knot and some highly figured wood. I was fortunate to find these matching boards when I was picking out the wood for this piece. There was no doubt they were going to be the centerpiece of this project.

This cabinet has 4 adjustable shelves which allows for a variety of display and/or storage options.

Dimensions: 38” wide X 76” high X 17” deep
Price: $6800.00