White Oak Jelly Cabinet

White Oak Jelly Cabinet


     This little cabinet has a simple look and is small enough to fit into the entryway, the dining room, the den, or maybe the office; wherever there is a need for attractive storage.

The entire cabinet is made of quarter sawn white oak. The top, bottom, and center shelf are joined to the sides using sliding dovetails. Both the back and the door are frame and panel construction. The door has been “book matched” which gives it a very symmetrical grain pattern.

     There is a 4″ deep drawer inside the cabinet at the top and there are 3 adjustable shelves, which provide for a variety of storage options.

     Prior to applying a finish to this piece, I fumed this cabinet in a tent with ammonia. The ammonia reacts with the tannins in the wood, turning the wood a darker shade of brown. I then, hand apply 4 coats of an oil/varnish finish, sanding between coats, to give the piece a soft satin look and feel.

Dimensions: 17” wide X 48” tall X 12” deep
Price: $1500.00